Information about Squints You Need to Know

Cross-eyed is a condition when the position of the two eyes is not aligned and does not point in the same direction. This condition occurs because the muscles of the two eyeballs cannot coordinate to regulate the direction of the eyeball, so that both eyes see different objects. Squint treatment can be done by various methods, namely by using glasses, eye patch, eye drops, or through eye muscle surgery. Both the goggles and the blindfold work by "forcing" the squinting eyes to work, and masking normal eye sight. In this way, the crossed eyes will act as the dominant eye, so that the eye muscles will be trained by themselves and can focus both eyes in the same direction. Eye drops also play a role in treating squinting eyes with the same principles as eyeglasses and eye patch. Eye drops used contain atropine which works by blurring normal eye vision for several hours. If all of these methods cannot treat squint, the patient can undergo eye muscle surgery to treat squint. I
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